Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! will bring you delight that you have yet to see in an app game. From the super fun dialogue, hysterical character names and awesome music and graphics, the ambiance will suck you in while the gameplay takes you away! After a successful run in the weapon shop of Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!, you’re rocketed off into space to earn your keep and safe the universe. Well, maybe not the entire universe, but just one lonely spud in it.

As you take over the position of captain on your interstellar voyage, you’ll meet Cassie and Fay. These two potato ladies have lost their grandfather to the villainous organization, The Eclipse. Those baddies are hot on your trail as you zip away to get yourself all dolled up for a fight. You won’t be able to take them down in the beginning though, and that’s where this game will take you. You’ll have to strategize your time, resources, and travel to stay ahead of the bad guys and on target for that final takedown.

Everything you do is a major decision and these decisions can change on the fly depending on how hot on your tail The Eclipse is. If they’re breathing down your neck, you’ll be in full on emergency mode. The turn-based mechanic of the game is called SOLs, and you’ll need to keep up your SOLs in order to explore, travel, and make sure you’re staying on time in the game world. If you run out of SOLs, The Eclipse catches up and you’re in a space battle you’re truly unprepared for.

To get prepared, you must hop around the galaxy obtaining resources, skilled crew members and highly advanced weapons to beef up your ride. Everything about this game is strategy, including the time taken to rest your crew and create your crafts. These are counted down in SOL and not real time, so you have to be “crafty” about the moves you make. You could be still waiting for the big cannons to be created when the enemy is upon you. You’ll have plenty of chances along the way to test out your guns on those that get in your way, including some big bosses. If you’ve progressed correctly, you’ll take them down without issue.

While you’re making many decisions, the game is still fairly linear. If you make the wrong one and waste your SOLs, the enemy catches up. If you make the right one, you follow on the same path every time you play, so the replay value is lacking a little, but you never know what you might have missed the first time. Maybe you’ll even want to be caught on purpose just to see another hilarious cutscene take place. There are so many little nods to nerd lore in this game, it would be impossible to see them all on only one playthrough.

Make sure you’re properly managing everything about your game, even down to the space battles themselves. You’ll get to choose what parts of the ship to attack and you’ll have to strategically place your shields as well. You won’t be able to change them once in battle, so tactic choices are extremely important. This includes when to fire and not fire your weapons due to your level of charge. It’s challenging but will become much easier as you upgrade your weapons and your firepower grows.

You’re well on your way to being the top spud of the space fleet. While the potato jokes are abound, you’ll also meet many other space denizens that are sentient foods and other wacky things. It’s an amazing blend of a complicated and intricate strategy system and a laugh out loud pun fest that will leave you loving this game for a long time.


Meteorfall is an amazing new card game that will have you flipping cards and flipping tables all the way to the final boss. You’ll need to slash, stab, cast and heal your way to a victory before one of those ugly monsters take you down. There is no save point here! Once you’re down, you’re out! Meteorfall packs it’s entire game into one small price and is free of ads and any in game purchases. Everything you need you earn right in game!

Upon this journey, you’ll be playing as either a warrior, a thief, a wizard, priest or a necromancer. Each hero has a select group of cards that they’ll start with and pull from along their journey. The warrior depends on brute strength will the thief is a stamina demon. The wizard will be casting his heart out while the priest will smite and heal as best she can. A new hero is on their way, the Necrodude, who brings the undead to life to battle his enemies. With each win, you’ll earn gems that help you unlock more cards for these special heroes, but even they’re not needed to stab your way to a high score!

The game is simple to grasp and hard to master. With each turn, you’ll either fight a monster or get one of the many other choices this game has to offer. You could head to the shop for new cards or over to the blacksmith to upgrade what you’ve got. The Temple will help you reduce your card load while the Treasure gives you the option to add to it. You’ll need to strategize all your trips as well as healing and which benefits to take along the way when you level or encounter unique obstacles in your path. Choosing between your HPs or getting an extra turn can be heart wrenching if you’re so close to the final boss. Those few HPs you gave up could mean your very victory or doom.

The graphics are amazing, fun and quirky, and the animation is a blast. There’s no clean and proper atmosphere here. You’re playing with grubby cards on a wooden table somewhere out in the woods and an angry bear is your dealer. The immersion of the game is the best part as you’re fighting for your life and having fun doing it. You’ll have to make sure you’re getting everything you need to out of your deck with the right upgrades, adds and removals. Pick your favorite hero, play the crap out of them and master every twist and turn they have to offer. With three play rounds and a final boss, you’ll have to act quick and power yourself up or that boss is going to sneak up to you quickly and lay you to waste. If they do, don’t worry! Just start over and make sure you take a new path on your way to victory.

The game is brand new and there’s a lot of things that need to be worked out, like a global scoreboard who’s been a little tampered with, or some easy cheats to make your game super simple. There’s no fun in a simple game, especially in Meteorfall where every card stirs an emotion as it’s added or lost from your deck. The game is hard, but very fun, and the randomness and thoughtfulness that will make you a champion will be well earned! This is not a game to be missed, and at a low single purchase price, this game pays for itself after the first minute of hilarity and table flipping angst.

Pro Tip: Less is more. You don’t want to add tons of cards to your deck. Make thoughtful choices and visit the Temple often to get rid of cards you realize are holding you back. Especially with the Thief, you’ll want the least amount of cards possible that use up a turn instead of giving you one back for free.


Have you ever wanted to own a retail store but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of inventory, accounting and advertising? Well, look no further than Shop Heroes! Honestly, it’s nothing like a retail store, but hey, who’s really counting? In this adorable shop simulator, you’ll be crafting the best weapons, armors, potions and ammo that money can buy. And buy they will! This never-ending cycle of shop life will have you playing all day and selling all night, and that’s just barely scratching the surface.

Shop Heroes boasts about two things right there in the name, a shop and heroes. You’ll run your shop and gear your heroes to send them out on perilous quests for artifacts to craft new gear with and raid items to boost your town score. If you ever wanted a game that was great with spreadsheets, this would be the one. You start off with a meager little shop with items that you craft in seconds to a bustling shopping empire where your time management skills will be put to the test. As the items you craft get more powerful, they’ll take longer to make so plan accordingly!

As for the crafting system, it’s a very straightforward process. If you’ve got the resources, you can craft the item in one of your nine crafting slots. Resources refill over time and you can enhance your town and your storage containers to get more of that juicy, juicy steel a lot faster. Sometimes an item will need an artifact to craft it and that’s where your heroes come into play. The cycle turns as you craft gear to put on your hero to send them out to get artifacts to craft more gear! It may sound redundant, but every quest inches you closer to your final goal. What is that goal? Anything you want it to be.

You can master your crafting items, you can level your heroes and the people that craft the items in your shop. You can level the buildings in your town and enhance the buffs each building gives you for your crafting and quest power levels. There’s even an option to fuse items which you receive early on that will help to raise the quality of the items you craft. Mind you, the Fusion Pot, as it’s called, is the biggest time bottleneck in the game, so this is where you’ll really have to plan accordingly, but you can add slots and buff the Fusion Pot too as you grow so anything is possible!

Lots of gear comes with special stats on it that give buffs to your heroes, so you’ll have to use intricate combinations of items to get the most out of your questing teams. You’ll have to make sure they don’t break their gear, don’t get knocked out for extended periods of time, and bring home the most goodies as possible. If you love math and planning, this is the game for you! If you don’t love math or planning, this is the game for you! Just craft your heart out and don’t worry about the small stuff. Anything you need from quests, you can purchase from other players, so don’t fret if your team wipes out. Just try, try again!

You’ll earn all the gold you need by selling those crafted items to the NPCs that constantly arrive in your store asking for those goods, or to other players through the Trading House. There’s gold, the in-game currency, and gems, the purchasable currency. Gems are super easy to farm in game without paying a dime, so don’t worry about being pay-to-win. You can get everything you need through perseverance and hard work. Start small, grow big and join the cult that is Shop Heroes. I mean, amazing retail game experience with fantasy aspects. That’s what I meant.


Hero’s Academy 2 is a card-carrying strategy game where you need to beat your opponent by blowing their crystals up! A fun and frantic game where you make smart decisions and fast moves to best your opponent. Summon your heroes onto the battlefield, equip them, heal them and use spells and abilities to destroy the other side’s defenses. Once it’s clear, go in for the kill!

You’ll start out with a deck of cards like it was any old tabletop card game, but Hero’s Academy 2 takes you down a fun-filled rabbit hole. Instead of battling card to card, your hand comes alive on the battlefield with knights and wizards, archers and healers, and so much more! Every round, you’ll get a particular amount of mana that you’ll have ready to use to summon your little deities. If you don’t use all your mana, you can save it for the next round. That comes in handy when you’ve got some big monsters ready to fight by your side! There’s also equipment cards that give bonuses to attack or defense, as well as damage and healing spells in case you’re in a bind. The first side to smash the other side’s defensive crystals wins the game!

There are so many options to play in different ways on this battle board. If you like player versus player, you can hit the Duels and go head to head against another human. If you would rather just beat up some innocent computers, head on over to Hero Academy 2’s impressive amount of Campaigns and Challenges! There are even daily quests that help boost your bankroll and keep you on the right track to learning everything you can about the game. The campaigns and challenges will teach you the ins and outs of becoming a true Hero. If nothing else, relish in the victory as you dominate a helpless computer program.

Collecting cards is easy and building up your deck is a breeze! You can purchase basic card packs with gold, or special premium ones with gems! You’ll receive a massive amount of gold just playing the game, so you won’t have to worry about breaking your bank. There’s many ways to get gold between the quests, free crates, video watching and quest completion. Gems are the same way, but they’ll take a little longer to acquire everything you’ll need. You still don’t have to pay a dime though. Even the campaigns that are not unlocked in the beginning are acquirable through gems. You’ll just need to fight and win all that you can to get those phat loots.

The range of characters you can summon are as broad as the factions that are at play. You’ll start out with The Council, the regular human faction with its medieval theme. Then there’s the Dark Elf, Warden, Gladiator, Viking and Vermin. Each more powerful than the last, you’ll progress through these factions through their campaigns and acquiring their cards in card packs you purchase in the store for gold and gems. While The Council is easy and extremely winnable, the higher you progress in the factions, the more wow-factor the cards have. Just wait until you throw those nasty Vermin at your enemy!

Along with being a card and strategy game, there are all the settings of bringing this game deep down into your little eSport roots. With competitive seasons, you can climb the ranks and be the best Warden, Dark Elf or Viking you can be! You can even gather up your friends and create a guild together. There are so many options at play here, it’s a wonder you’ll ever step away from the board! Well, until that super huge monster one shots your crystal when you’re about to win the game. Just put the mobile device down and walk away. The monster is fake, the mobile device is real. Don’t smash it!

Pro Tip: Make sure you have a plethora of monsters in your deck, even if they’re smaller ones. A lot of times, you can win by attrition and just having more monsters in your deck then the other player can let you grab an easy win!


Whether you love creeping around, peaking in windows or stealing people’s things, well, that’s just all super illegal. Why are you doing those things?! If you must, then play Antihero! This digital board game set in a gas-light world is amazing on the eyes, ears and the mind. Use your quick wit and nimble fingers to help your master thief trump his competition and take down the city through bribery, infiltration and murder! Just more illegal things you get to do here!

The amazing graphics and wonderful sounds will transport you into this seedy underbelly of a town you must make your own. You’re not alone out there though, but it’s going to cost you dearly. You and your counterpart will be taking to the streets and working against each other to infiltrate buildings, set up guilds and take down each other before the other takes down you! If you’re not fast or don’t line enough pockets, you’ll find yourself on the pokey side of your enemy’s blade.

As you use your turns to discover pathways and burgle houses for cash, you’ll need that ill-gotten gold to help bribe urchin children to take over churches and banks and other places that are definitely not suitable for children. But hey, it works. If you’re feeling bold, there’s also thugs and guilds at your beck and call to block your enemies and kill your targets. They’ll take their payments in blood, so make sure you’re aiming where you put that dagger.

Once you get into the game, you’ll find there’s so much to do and so many paths to explore. Not just on the streets, but the app itself holds many different experiences around this traitorous title. The campaign will get you up to snuff with its progression through simple 1v1 AI experiences before bringing you to the intricate, sweat-pouring-off-your-forehead moments where you just barely have enough turns to slip by. Once you’re sure you’re really a master thief, you can venture online and test your sneaky skills there. While the cartoon graphics are gorgeous, you can even purchase skins from some of your favorite stories to cover up your devilish characters. These cosmetic only upgrades can bring you into the world of Oliver Twist, Sherlock Holmes, Scrooge or if you’re feeling extra fuzzy, a cast of characters from the digital board game Armello!

With customizable online rules and multiple scenarios and challenges, Antihero makes sure you know how to play the game every which way. The best part is, you don’t have to win just by owning all the money, occupying all the squares or killing all your foes. There are several different ways to win and you can mix and match along the way. Bribe that official, infiltrate that church, destroy that seedy target and you’re well on your way to being infamous! You can beat the board without even letting your foe breathe, or you can make it the epic death match you’ve always wanted full of lies, deceit and death. It’s much better to get that all out in a competitive board game then real life, right? Guys? Am I right? Where did you go…


Possible Pro Tip but change it if you don’t like it because I sucked at this game: Make sure you’re keeping your eye out for the multiple opportunities to win. The straight path is not always the best one. You could be sitting on a gold mine and should have won five turns ago!


Ever feel that itch to just wipe out humanity for your own greedy purposes? Look no further than Doomsday Clicker, the super quirky clicker that will let you take over your own post-apocalyptic world, and make it even worse!

While the world is in chaos, you’re here to profit! This easy-going mobile game sets you up your new underground metropolis and lets you earn money both actively and inactively. As you add on rooms to your bunker and upgrade them, you’ll earn more and more inactive cash. If you’re feeling a little trigger happy, you can watch the tormented souls that now live topside and squish out their little bug and rat lives. Who knew mutated bugs and rats could be so rich? Some of them even have Gold and Humans! Not only will you see them on the surface, but some will attack your rooms as well. Poke out their souls for some quick cash if they come and attack! Usually, you’d have to pay an exterminator, but now the vermin pay you!

As you earn that cash, you’ll also earn Humans. How you earn them poking creatures and making money, no one really knows. They just show up! Once you feel you have enough, there’s a super shiny, big, red button just waiting for you to push. Go ahead, push it. Don’t worry about the screams of humanity you hear behind you. That’s just all your work washing away in the great flood, erupting volcano, or other terrible apocalyptic event. Well, guess what? Time to start all over!

Every time you wipe out humanity, all your little peoples come back as Mutants and you’ll start all over again, stronger than ever! When you push that button, you’ll accumulate more Mutants and ascend to the ranks of the Mutant God. Well, not really, but you get the idea. You can use those Mutants to purchase a few upgrades, but the brunt of the upgrades are purchased with all the cold, dead cash you’ve farmed. There’s also an income multiplier wheel in the game that simply runs on video views. Watch a vid, spin the wheel and you could be 2x-4x’ing your cash flow. It’s free, it just takes a 30-second peep!

Now, you can’t be an evil genius without an animal assistant. That’s where Monkey comes in! He’ll let you know about all the goings on in your Doomsday device… I mean, underground town, of course. He’ll offer you some quests and pop out some Gold as well! Gold is the in-game purchasable currency, but you can also earn it for free via Monkey’s quests and poking those little surface dwellers out of the picture! Gold can also be used for permanent upgrades as well, including Roommates, who are mutants who permanently live in your bunker depending on what floor they buff.

Now, if you think you’ve gotten the handle of watching over your bunker, you’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s four other underground towns that need you to watch over them too. As you progress in Mutants and get your cash flow raging, you’ll be able to purchase more and more lands across multiple towns until you’ll have so much cash and so many Mutants, you won’t know what to do with them all! Oh wait, that’s right. Blow them all up.


Iron Marines is a fun, mobile RTS with a planetary space setting. If you couldn’t tear yourself away from your computer playing StarCraft, now you’ll have its goofy younger brother safe in your pocket. Instead of focusing on resource development and setting up multiple camps to win games, Iron Marines takes you straight into the fight and lets the resource worrying to those little AI scientists that have your back. They’re a bit underpaid though, so you may be a on the low side for a long while.

Created by Ironhide Game Studio, the makers of the awesome Kingdom Rush series, you can expect just as much fun and fantasy out of Iron Marines. The maps are all uniquely created, not procedurally generated like a lot of games out there today. The music is a joy to hear and keeps you in the action as you’re getting reamed by loads of tiny aliens who want nothing more than to stop your frantic swipe-to-move hero.

Speaking of hero, you’re not stuck with just one. There’s several heroes to choose from, including ones you unlock for free as well as some the game lets you pay for. Obviously, there will be a quality difference between the pay-to-play and the work for it type, but there’s nothing about this game that lets you “pay to win”. Any in-game currency can be earned super easily, if not absolutely thrown at you, and you ultimately never have to pay a dime. They don’t want what’s in your pocket, just what’s in your heart. Aw.

You can’t just do it with one hero alone though. You’ll meet all the space denizens that are ready to stand by your side and fight those baddies with you. A lot of them do echo the type seen in StarCraft including little marines, snipers, Firebats and much more. If it works, it works. Those little homies will follow your commands straight into battle, even if that means a facehugger is going to take them out, repeatedly. They just get summoned right back and do it all again. Be careful though, the psychologist bills for all their PTSD is going to be crazy high.

While the gameplay is not extensively long, the game is an absolute joy to play through. It should take the average player about 20 hours to complete the storyline, or if you’re not average, you’ll never complete it because you’re awful at games like this and you’ll just rage out on map three because the aliens keep killing you the second you resurrect. Not that we have that experience, right? You’ll have your choice of three different difficulties and many maps, bosses, and side missions to attempt them on, so you can rise through the ranks and difficulties and keep playing until your heart’s content.

As you progress through all the unique maps and scenarios, you’ll earn EXP for your hero as well as skill points for the very extensive hero tree. These skills will help you progress further in the game and make you overpowered as heck if you decide to trudge on back to the low levels to bust them out like you’re a damned superhero. REMEMBER ME, SCUM? You’d better run, aliens. King of Space right here. King of Space.


Summoner’s Greed is a cute and quirky tower defense that defies the rules of the genre. Instead of fending off your city/town/the princess from evil monsters, this time you’re a little more… greedy? The enemies aren’t bloodthirsty monsters (well, at first), they’re dopey-eyed soldiers from the town that you just stole that hoard of loot from. Don’t want to give it back? Summon your creatures, crawlies, and crazy monsters to defend your “finder’s keepers” snag.

The board is very simple and linear with a plain back and forth pathway from the town to your loot. Along the way, you have nine pedestals that you can place your monsters on and it’s within that formula that all the strategy really revolves around. It’s not just about upgrading your towers for more power or buffing your spells and damage, it’s knowing the exact way to stop those cold-hearted villagers in their tracks so they can’t get their stuff back! Be careful though! Your lines are protected by rocks stationed between the pedestals and some jacked-up villagers like to destroy them to go straight for the prize. Remember to carefully place your damage creatures to stop them!

You’ll have bears that stomp, spiders that slow, totems that buff, and the all-important slime creatures that spit their adorable blobbiness at your enemies. With each kill, you’ll acquire the gold you’ll need to level your towers and buff your strength. Every time a villager makes it past your gauntlet and reclaims their treasure, you’ll have the choice to restart where you are or from the very first wave of human fodder. While it may seem pointless to go all the way back to the start, it’s great for farming up more gold to get stronger.

You’ll earn new creatures to defend you with every 10 green orbs you acquire. These can come from killing the “bosses” every ten levels or from Mr. Monitor who offers you treats and buffs in return for watching videos. When you turn in your ten orbs, you get a monster card that will either give you a new monster or buff your previous ones. It’s highly recommended that you keep using the 10-orb choice of a common monster and not the 30-orb choice of a rare or higher because those common monsters need love too. They hit fast and keep your lines running smoothly. It’s not just about the rares, people! The Seller will offer you orbs as well at 100 gold per pop when you’ve hoarded enough gold up. This might be a good deal for you if you feel you’re high powered enough and don’t need the gold.

There’s also the in-game currency in the form of gems. Gems are one of those pay to play features but are also acquired completely free through gameplay. There’s a chance for villagers to drop them upon death or our lovely Mr. Monitor will offer you a pack of five for a simple video view or The Seller will offer them at 100 gold each. One of the major buffs is a 500-gem upgrade which doubles your base power. This took me roughly two days of semi-casual gameplay, so you don’t have to pay a dime to get some high-quality power running through your camp!

Overall, there are many “walls” to overcome in the game that may make it feel like an AFK grindfest, but every time you muscle past them, you’ll feel a renewed sense of love for this silly game. After you master the first map, a hard mode option and a whole new map opens up for you, so there’s tons of gameplay and grinding to do! You take your towers with you to every map, so you never have to worry about wasting time working on your towers. While the game is greedy for our time, Summoner’s Greed will show you why it was worth stealing that treasure chest.


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